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Digital Catalog

Digital catalog access guide (Web Public Access Catalog/WEBPAC):

  1. Please visit the ITB Digital Catalog page at the address https://webpac.lib.itb.ac.id/
  2. If you are on the ITB Library pagehttps://lib.itb.ac.id/), please select the "Online Service" menu, then select "Digital Catalog," then you will be connected to the Digital Catalog page.
  3. To search the collection, you don't need to log in. You can directly search in the "search" menu.
  4. To see the "member" menu, fill in username and password using the ITB/SSO account.
  5. If you have successfully entered the member menu, there will be a "profile" menu, "on loan," "online borrowing," "collection borrowing history," "FRS requirements," and "graduation requirements."
  6. On the "profile" menu, ITB academic community can see their respective IDs, accounts, names, types of members (students, lecturers, staff), and emails .
  7. In the "borrowed" menu, members can view the collections that are being borrowed and the date they were returned. In addition, in this menu members can extend the loan period independently, provided that the loan period has not passed. If it is past/late, then the extension of the borrowing period must be carried out by the staff.
  8. For searching books, you can use the "search" menu. If the book you are looking for has been found, check the call number and the location of the book to find out where the book is on the shelf.
  9. On the “borrow online” menu, if the book you are looking for has been found, its status is available, and it is a collection of the Central Library. The academic community can directly click the “borrow online” button which is available under the bibliographic data of the book. The required book information will be automatically sent to the circulation staff.
  10. The staff checks the availability of the requested book and informs the academic community regarding the book in question. Next, the staff asked for confirmation of the book collection date. Then the academic community confirms the suitability of the books borrowed and the date of collection.
  11. On the pick-up date menu, the staff inputs the data of the borrowed book.
  12. The academic community took the books at the Library Building, T.P. Rahmat II.
  13. Online loan services are only valid until students are allowed to return to activities on campus.
  14. Book reserve service can only be done if the book you are looking for is currently being borrowed by another library member. The “reserve” button will not appear if the book is still available in the library.
  15. In the collections borrowing history, library members can see the history of books that have been borrowed and the date they were borrowed.
  16. For library members whose status is a student, there is an FRS requirement menu and graduation requirements menu.
  17. In the FRS requirements menu, the student's status will appear, whether they have or they don't have a library case. If the student has library cases, they must be resolved before filling out the FRS.
  18. On the graduation requirements menu, a status will appear whether the member is free from library cases or there is a library case and the whether they have uploaded an abstract or not. If there is still a library case, then the case must be resolved first and if the abstract has not been uploaded, they must upload the abstract first before being declared to have fulfilled the graduation requirements from the library.

Please try and utilize the Digital Catalog service facility for reference material purposes.

ITB Digital Catalog Access Guide can also be downloaded HERE.

Video tutorials for accessing the Digital Catalog (WEBPAC) can be viewed HERE. using a Microsoft ITB account.

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